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Ray Law is proud to be an attorney fee office for Lawyers Title Company.  In late 2008 Lawyers Title joined Fidelity National Financial, Inc., family of companies, which collectively represents the largest title and escrow services company in the world. 


You can feel confident with the knowledge that your real estate transactions are backed by Fidelity National Financial, Inc. which is a Fortune 500 Company.  

Whether you need the simplest residential closing or the most complex commercial real estate transactions, Lawyers Title is committed to providing unmatched expertise and exceptional customer service. 


Our goal is to help lenders, builders, developers, attorneys and real estate professionals grow and succeed. For our residential customers, we insure protection for their most important asset - their home.  Continually seeking innovative and creative ways to build your business, Lawyers Title is setting the pace in our area.  

Give us an opportunity to partner with you for all your closing needs.


Whether you are transferring real property to a loved one, adding a spouse or family member to title, or selling your property, Ray Law can draft the legal documents necessary to achieve your goals.  

I’ve been practicing real estate law for years with both a litigation and transaction practice.  One thing I find in my practice and through my title office is that minor mistakes in a real estate document can lead to costly legal fees to correct. 

I don't believe anyone should ever use blanket forms that they find on the internet.  Rarely do they contain the language necessary to fully protect the person either granting or receiving title to the property. 


While most people think the language in a deed is just a bunch of unnecessary "legalese"; the language protects both the grantor and grantee. 

Further, many of the "owner finance" packages that you find online fail to actually protect owners and borrowers whom need protection in the event of a default.  Owners and borrowers need properly drafted documents to protect what most people consider their biggest investment.  Saving a few hundred dollars today buying an internet form can cost you thousands in the future.  

Please note, we will not draft "Quitclaim Deeds" or "Wrap"

transaction documents. 



Ray Law wants to be the last law firm you ever need to hire for your real estate transactions and offer the finest title and escrow closing services available in the DFW market.  A law firm you can turn to for all your real estate needs.  David Ray has spent over twenty years representing individuals, small businesses, and large corporations gaining a wealth of legal knowledge in the process.  

During his career, he worked "both sides of the docket."  He defended and prosecuted personal injury cases; business disputes; land and developer disputes; toxic tort matters; products liability cases; workplace injury cases; and a wide variety of other legal matters.  In addition, he has worked with clients on state and federal regulatory and compliance issues, general business matters, and small and large transactions. David also regularly serves as counsel on both residential and commercial real estate transactions.


​The primary goal of Ray Law is to provide you with exemplary legal representation at a reasonable cost.



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David P. Ray III
Managing Attorney

Tel: 469-430-1100





Lawyers Title Office - Ray Law

8765 Stockard Dr., Suite 104, Frisco, TX 75034​

Tel:  469-430-1100

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